Revolutionary Behance Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager helps in reducing the efforts required in project management by picking up the project details from Behance server so that users can manage all their projects at a centralized location in Behance and present them on their websites using beautiful styles and views.


Portfolio Manager – Powered by Behance is a professional WordPress Plugin developed by eLEOPARD Design Studios. It provides users the capability to integrate Behance Projects on their WordPress website and develop a neat, flexible and effective portfolio.

This Plugin helps in reducing the efforts required in project management. It picks up the project details from Behance server so that user can manage all their projects at a centralized location in Behance. User can present the portfolio on their websites using different styles and views provided.

  1. Create a Behance profile and add all the projects that you want to present on your website.
  2. Download and Install “Portfolio Manager – Powered By Behance”.
  3. Enter your Behance App API key in Configuration.
  4. Grab a Coffee and start Adding your Projects :)


Portfolio Manager provides a lot of features for customizing project presentation on your website. Some of the key features include:

  • Multiple styles for Mosaic/ Grid Views.
  • Categorization of projects.
  • Filters to show/ hide project specific information provided by Behance.
  • Tab customization for Mosaic/Grid view.
  • Different Shortcodes to present single or multiple projects of specific or number of categories.
  • To add custom styling for the Project view.

Technical Requirements

  • WordPress– Version 3.8 and above (Download: )
  • PHP - recommended version 5.3.28
  • MySQL – recommended version 5.5
  • cURL should be enabled on your server


Step 1: Download the installation package by going to link:

Step 2: Install the Portfolio Manager Plugin using the Add New Plugin.

Setting up the Portfolio

1 Configuration

Portfolio Manager – Powered by Behance requires minimum setup configuration. Please follow below steps to configure the component:

Step 1:

Register an App on Behance by visiting the following link: Please remember logging in to Behance first

Now Login to the WordPress, navigate to Portfolio Manager > Settings

Under “General” tab paste the Behance API Key and click on "Save Changes button. Now your Plugin is ready to go.

Importing your complete Portfolio:

Using Import feature, you can import all you projects into the Portfolio Manager. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to Portfolio Manager > Projects and click on Import

Step 2:In the Popup, enter your Behance Username, and a default category for which you have more projects. Click Import

Step 3:After a few seconds, you can see all your projects. you can select different categories for individual projects as well.

Adding a Project

Let us start creating your portfolio. Please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to Portfolio Manager > Projects and click on Add New

Step 2: Enter your behance Project ID and click on the Search Icon

Step 3: Review the Project, Select the category you want the project save in, and click "Save and Close"

Presenting Portfolio on your website.

Till now we have configured our portfolio using Portfolio Manager – Powered by Behance backend panel. Now we will see how to present this portfolio at front end of our website.

Step 1: Open any Post/Page and click on Portfolio Manager Icon.

Step 2: Select the layout you want to display

Step 3: Modify the options as you want and click Insert

Voila! you are done.A shortcode will be inserted to your Page/Post, which will display the layout you selected.

Layout Modes

Here are all the Layout Modes explained

1.Single Project

This option will let you select a single project.

2. Single Category

This layout would show the projects from a single category

3. Multiple Categories

This layout mode will display projects from multiple categories using a mosaic/grid view.

4. Featured Projects

Setting featured projects to YES would display only the projects set as featured by you. This option would be useful when you wish to show some selected projects in the Homepage

Plugin Settings

Setting Pretty Url to Yes will show render the project using a Search Engine Friendly URL (recommended to be set to YES)

You can customize the Navigation Buttons of the Project, change the button text, show/hide Arrows etc.

You can show/hide different areas and content of the project using the Advanced tab. You can add your own custom CSS rules here as well.

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